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    Picture of Targeted Deep Tissue Massager

    Targeted Deep Tissue Massager

    The tissue massager relieves soreness and stiff muscles using the targeted tissue and acupressure system. The power-strap expands and targets hard to reach areas such as upper/lower back, legs and feet. Great for pre and post-workout recovery.
    5.950 د.ك.‏
    Picture of 25 Pcs Disposable Table Cloth

    25 Pcs Disposable Table Cloth

    Tablecloths are reusable, waterproof, and oilproof. Cleaning hassles can be eliminated with this gadget. Perfect for a banquet, Christmas party, outdoor event, hotel, etc. One-piece, disposable tablecloth with a rollable design for simple storage and transport. Applied to any setting, including the kitchen, dining room, hotel, restaurant, and party. The cover will make cleanup a snap and guard your table against spills, stains, and scratches to keep it looking good. Size is 100 x 120 cm.
    1.300 د.ك.‏
    Picture of Microfiber Couch Cover

    Microfiber Couch Cover

    Restores and revitalizes your couch. It is a quilted, non-slip couch cover that keeps your sofa clean while shielding it from spills, stains, and dirt. It also improves the couch's beauty. You just put it atop your current couch, up to a 23-inch width, and utilize it. The layout should work with most common sofas because it is basically universal. When in use, does not move. Your couch protector won't fall off on leather furniture thanks to the additional stay-put strap and seat anchor. Machine washable If you have pets, you'll discover that washing this cover in the washing machine is far simpler than sweeping pet hair off your sofa.
    9.950 د.ك.‏
    Picture of Toothbrush and Toothpaste holder

    Toothbrush and Toothpaste holder

    Toothbrush and toothpaste holder for your bathroom to organize your sink. It comes with a cup for gargling. It is easy to install. It comes with a adhesive sticker which is very durable and sticks fairly well to the wall and you can install the holder by sliding it on top of the clip that sticks to the wall. It can hold up to one toothbrush and one toothpaste and a cup.
    1.750 د.ك.‏
    Picture of 3 in 1 Shaving System

    3 in 1 Shaving System

    This 3 in 1 shaving system can be used to either trim, shave or edge your facial hair. Rotatory head spins 360 degrees for shaving at any angle. Universal rotating base is perfectly compatible with dozens of brands.
    3.850 د.ك.‏
    Picture of 16 Pcs Cord Cable Organizer

    16 Pcs Cord Cable Organizer

    This cable/wire kit has everything you require to keep cords/wires organized and untangled. The clips may be used on phone lines, TV lines, and other lines. Installing it couldn't be simpler: just peel off the paper, adhere it to the wall, then thread the cable through the hook to finish.
    0.750 د.ك.‏
    Picture of Dumpling Maker Machine

    Dumpling Maker Machine

    Our dumpling maker tool is composed of 304 stainless steel, a high-grade material that is safe, hygienic, long-lasting, and simple to clean. It may be used to make ravioli, wontons, pies, dumplings, and more. Fast and convenient. Dumplings may be made quickly and easily by wrapping two at a time. This dumpling machine also makes gorgeous wavy dumplings quickly and without any special skills. Simply rinse the device with water to make it easy to use and clean. It's simple to use; just arrange the dumpling skin and filling as desired and softly press to seal.
    3.820 د.ك.‏
    Picture of 1 Pc Hard Wax Beans Jar

    1 Pc Hard Wax Beans Jar

    This waxing product for hair removal is simple to apply and much simpler to remove the hair from the skin, leaving no reaction or residue behind. Vulnerable low point enables you to begin and complete the waxing process more quickly! For anybody who prevents unwanted hair, this product is a need because to its nice scent and fantastic effects.
    1.350 د.ك.‏
    Picture of Fancy Lunch Box Bag

    Fancy Lunch Box Bag

    Material is made out of Cationic Oxford Cloth. Colors available are Grey, Blue, Pink, Red Wine, Black. Size of the product is 27cm x 19cm x 16cm. Weight of the product is around 200g. Convenient to take to work, travel or picnic, etc. Fashionable and elegant and classic design. Can keep warm and cold for up to 3 hours. Large capacity, waterproof and moisture-proof. Light and portable.
    3.000 د.ك.‏
    Picture of Ferris Wheel Seasoning Rack with 18 Bottles

    Ferris Wheel Seasoning Rack with 18 Bottles

    You can tidy up your seasoning drawer with this seasoning rack that can hold up to 18 bottles. It is easy to pick and store the bottles back in the rack in just a few seconds with its precise holders. 360 degree spinning allows you to select the spices of your choice very conveniently. It has a stable bracket which allows it to be very stable when placed and doesn't shake.
    6.690 د.ك.‏
    Picture of Electric Deep Fryer

    Electric Deep Fryer

    Power and heat indicator light with cold handles and thermostatic control. Stainless Steel Housing Detachable inner pot and detachable heating element. Voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz. Power: 2200W. This products come with dry heating protection to protect it from dry heat.
    12.900 د.ك.‏
    Picture of Multifunctional Mini Keychain Lamp

    Multifunctional Mini Keychain Lamp

    Multifunctional portable lamp. Lamp type is 30 COB wick. Single product weight is 42.9g. Product material is aluminum alloy + PC. Product brightness is 800 lumens. Battery Capacity is Cobalt 500 mAh Lithium Polymer. Lighting time is 4 hours and 1.5 hours (highlighted). Battery type is Type-C charging. Lighting modes are strong light - in - burst flash and long press for super bright light.
    2.690 د.ك.‏
    Picture of Portable Waxing Kit

    Portable Waxing Kit

    Warm wax is applied to your skin and hair and immediately removed to eliminate hair in the waxing method of hair removal. Waxing eliminates all hairs, even those at the follicle or root. For all of your body's depilatory requirements, including the armpit area, back, legs, arms, facial, and Brazilian waxing, men and women can use an at-home waxing kit. The firm wax beans come in a variety of aromas, including Lavender, Pink, Cream, and Chlorophyll, and are made with natural, secure materials that are not irritating. Thus, relaxing without being irritated is how you feel while shaving. In the waxing method of hair removal, warm wax is applied to your skin and hair and then instantly removed to remove hair. All hairs, even those at the follicle or root, are removed by waxing. Both men and women can utilize an at-home waxing kit for all of their body's depilatory needs, including the armpit area, back, legs, arms, facial, and Brazilian waxing.
    8.990 د.ك.‏
    Picture of Portable Wax Heater

    Portable Wax Heater

    Warm wax is applied to your skin and hair and immediately removed to eliminate hair in the waxing method of hair removal. Waxing eliminates all hairs, even those at the follicle or root. Men's and women's at-home waxing kits for all body depilatory requirements, including Brazilian and armpit waxing as well as waxing on the back, legs, arms, and armpits. Our wax warmer for men and women may be used with all hard waxes and has a temperature range of 70°C (MED) to 120°C (HI). For first-time users, turn the dial to "HI," wait for approximately 10 minutes, then switch it back to "MED," and wait for about 15 minutes for it to drop down to the appropriate temperature for your skin.
    6.990 د.ك.‏
    Picture of Humidifier with Night Light and Diffuser

    Humidifier with Night Light and Diffuser

    This cool mist humidifier for bedrooms uses cutting-edge ultrasound mist technology to combine ions and boost the moisture content in the home. A few drops of essential oil added to the essential oil tray will fill the space with calming scents. Large Capacity 2.2L and Long Battery Life This cool mist humidifier for bedrooms has a 2.2L water tank and can provide a consistent stream of cool mist to cover a space up to 322 square feet/30 square meters. It is excellent for a big room because it can run for up to 24 hours on the lowest mist level and for more than 10 hours on the highest mist level with a full tank.
    16.450 د.ك.‏
    Picture of High-Waisted Yoga Pants

    High-Waisted Yoga Pants

    When you run, jump, or exercise in it, it gives you all the support you require and helps you maintain a thin figure. Once you put on our women's yoga pants and experience their supreme comfort, you'll fall in love with them. You will never feel constrained and will always be comfortable because to the buttery soft fabric. These women's leggings have a concealed pocket that is perfect for storing your cards, keys, and other small items while freeing up your hand. Sizes available: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.
    5.550 د.ك.‏
    Picture of Floor Cleaning Mop with Bucket

    Floor Cleaning Mop with Bucket

    Mop with 2 Mop Heads. Plastic is the material of the bucket. Twin-bucket mop with a steel rod for ease of movement, a drain spout, a stainless steel spinner that spins 360 degrees, two microfiber heads, and a solution dispenser Marble, wood, tiles, mosaic, and granite are used for floors. It has a 5 liter capacity. Includes two mop heads. Spinner in stainless steel, 360 degrees. The magic mop with double bucket is composed of high-grade plastic and is lightweight, strong, and simple to use. Features two steel rods for easy height adjustment, is long lasting, and requires no maintenance. This microfiber has a high water absorption capacity, so there will be no more messy water drips on the floor.
    7.440 د.ك.‏
    Picture of 6-Slot Watch Box with 3 Slot for Sunglasses

    6-Slot Watch Box with 3 Slot for Sunglasses

    This case has a comfortable velvet interior and premium synthetic leather outside. It also has clean stitching and a reliable lock. Your valuables will be safe and secure in this beautifully constructed watch box organizer's tough and resilient construction.
    4.100 د.ك.‏
    Picture of Multifunctional Telescopic Clothes Drying Rack

    Multifunctional Telescopic Clothes Drying Rack

    Foldable and multifunctional hanging drying racks are a very special invention that can be attached to a bathroom wall bracket or hung temporarily anyplace on a window grill or on a balcony. Strong material hooks that keep the rack firmly in place are incorporated into the rack. The gusset plate can be readily removed, which is the most significant feature, giving you more room to dry your garments. It is flexible and may be used with telescopic designs.
    4.450 د.ك.‏
    Picture of   360 Degree Rotating Spice Container

    360 Degree Rotating Spice Container

    If you're seeking for the best spice storage box, this rotating seasoning container will be your best option. You can quickly recognize the items within because to the clear design. Good sealing and ease of use. Your kitchen will have a lot more space because to the stackable design. A spoon is included with each spice package. Make your kitchen appear clean and polished.
    3.300 د.ك.‏
    Picture of Multi-purpose Kitchen Rack

    Multi-purpose Kitchen Rack

    This multipurpose kitchen rack can be used as a drain rack when placed on top of a kitchen sink. It can also be used as a BBQ grill. Just place it in your oven since it is oven safe and has a heat resistant up to 200 degrees. It can expand up to 21 inches. It is made out of stainless steel and has non slip silicone tips which prevents it from slipping on wet surfaces. Easy to wash and rinse. It can also be used as a serving tray.
    1.750 د.ك.‏
    Picture of Remote Control Stunt Car

    Remote Control Stunt Car

    Through gesture sensing, and vibrant lighting, the remote control deforming stunt car takes the excitement of remote control to a whole new level. The enormous wheels, whether on or off-road, shield the body of the automobile from off-road control and incredibly high speeds. The car's working duration is increased to 35 minutes thanks to the strong 7.4V 1200mAh battery, fully fulfilling your entertainment demands. The stunt car may be driven in two different ways, either by adjusting your hand gestures while wearing a watch, or by using a remote control.
    14.300 د.ك.‏
    Picture of 10M Hose Pipe Reel

    10M Hose Pipe Reel

    The 10 meter hose pipe reel garden set may be used for a variety of tasks, including washing cars, watering gardens, bathing pets, and cleaning the home.
    5.890 د.ك.‏
    Picture of Disposable Compressed Towel
    Picture of 7 Pcs Non-Stick Cookware Set

    7 Pcs Non-Stick Cookware Set

    Superior inside non-stick coating for excellent heat conduction. Interiors with sliding locks and heavy-gauge aluminum. On the cooktop, handles keep delightfully cool. Nonstick cookware that is PFOA-free and environmentally friendly for healthy cooking (chemical free).
    15.900 د.ك.‏
    Picture of Rechargeable LED for Camping

    Rechargeable LED for Camping

    Both sides of the camping light have powerful LEDs. Maximum illumination is ensured by the double-sided design, which lights up the whole area. 52 brilliant LEDs are used in rechargeable lighting. Wonderful for both indoor and outdoor use. Smart overcharge prevention is a feature to prevent overcharging of the LED. The indicator of a complete charge is quite distinct and simple to comprehend. Maximum safety is ensured.
    4.450 د.ك.‏
    Picture of 400ml Vegetable & Fruit Chopper

    400ml Vegetable & Fruit Chopper

    This 400ml Chopper comes with 3 stainless steel blades. It comes with a handle that connects the blade with a rope made out of double polyester material which can make 21 cuts with only one pull making cutting very convenient and fun. Its lid has a safety lock that doesn't allow the lid to open while chopping. It comes with an anti-skid bottom which makes sure the chopper stays in one place. The brass guide at the bottom inside of the bowl makes sure the blades are sturdy and remains intact while functioning at force.
    2.100 د.ك.‏
    Picture of 4M Power Extension 2 Way with 2 USB Ports

    4M Power Extension 2 Way with 2 USB Ports

    This Power extension comes with 2-way individual switches with safety shutters preventing short circuit. It comes with two 2.1A USB ports. It also has a fire resistant cable that is 4 meters long.
    4.100 د.ك.‏
    Picture of Knife Set 3 pcs

    Knife Set 3 pcs

    Both expert chefs and amateur cooks have favored this knife set. Expertly designed with a stainless steel edge that is tapered and cuts quickly and easily. Designed to be durable enough to handle both little and major culinary activities. The blade of this knife is extremely sharp and has been laser-tested. It is wide enough to tackle heavier chores, like peeling a pineapple. For a non-slip grip even when wet, each knife has an ergonomic handle constructed of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). This outstanding knife is balanced and weighted for comfort in use.
    1.690 د.ك.‏
    Picture of Smart Glass Weight Scale

    Smart Glass Weight Scale

    Battery longevity is no longer achieved by all-metal construction. Made from a robust, long-lasting material called stainless steel that has been exquisitely brushed. Large numbers on an LCD panel make it simple to see information at night. Large LCD screen that is simple to use and read. This electronic scale's excellent aesthetic is one-of-a-kind and lovely, and it may be used at home or on any desktop. Made of metal with a strong, long-lasting plastic casing. The scale surface is composed of metal and has a delicate feel and beautiful craftsmanship.
    6.880 د.ك.‏