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    Picture of الضوء الابيض ( مبيض الاسنان )
    Picture of Pulse A2 Fingertip Oximeter

    Pulse A2 Fingertip Oximeter

    Oxygen is essential to life and there are times when we need to monitor its level in our blood to detect if our body is functioning normally. The health products features a Pulse Oximeter – a device designed to provide an accurate reading of your blood oxygen level and pulse rate from your fingertip.
    4.750 د.ك.‏
    Picture of Waterproof Bandage Protector FS-2105

    Waterproof Bandage Protector FS-2105

    Material:PP, PVC, Silicone Size:1020*510*250mm
    5.550 د.ك.‏
    Picture of Find Back Callus Remover With Built-in Vacuum

    Find Back Callus Remover With Built-in Vacuum

    this foot grinder can instantly remove dry, dead skin and calluses from heels, soles, toes, and hands. Built-in vacuum, sucks up dead skin, let your surroundingsno longer be messy. With two types grinding heads for different cuticles (rough grinding head- for serious dead skin, fine grinding head for daily care)
    2.500 د.ك.‏
    Picture of Bath Chair For Patients And The Elderly
    Picture of Health Care Inhale Nebulizer Mini Portable Steaming Inhaler For Baby And Adult

    Health Care Inhale Nebulizer Mini Portable Steaming Inhaler For Baby And Adult

    Low Noise design allowing you to have a peaceful sleep Portable design and easy to carry You can chose the airflow quantity according to your needs It has an automatic power-off feature - it will turn off once the water has run out to protect the machine Two atomization modes, mask atomization and mouthpiece atomization, depending on the situation- Finely atomized particles can reach 1 - 5 micrometer, more complete drug absorption, less drug residue- The sound is small, close to 0 decibels, letting you enjoy the atomization quietly- Dual power supply system to meet your needs anytime, anywhere- Handheld nebulizer, small body, small and portable, used at home, on business, or travel 1. Easy to carry 2. Finely atomized particles 3. Fast atomization speed 4. Low noise and mute 5. A small amount of liquid remains 6. Two atomization modes 7. The indicator flashes to remind 8. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials 9. Independent movable components 10. Automatic shutdown function 11. Two power configurations
    7.750 د.ك.‏